"French Roast Blend" [Past Times] [Naruto: Tenten] [024 - City]

Title: French Roast Blend
Prompt: Past Times ; 024 - City
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Hyuuga Neji x Tenten
Rating: T [PG-13]
Characters: Neji, Tenten, Shikamaru
Disclaimer: Don't own anything besides this computer.
Notes: Allusion to Starbucks coffee. I’m merely guessing that French Roast is a strong kind of coffee, because I usually have caramel-drenched stuff. :3 I was trying to aim this more on cities, but of course, it veered off onto coffee. >_> I’m sorry for butchering the culture of the coffee world, for I have limited knowledge on such topics.


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Terragaze: The Killing Moon 2/3 [Other worlds] Prompt 8. Assassin (Heroes, Peter/Claire)

This is STILL for prompt 8 - all three parts will be in answer to the one prompt.

TITLE: Terragaze: The Killing Moon
AUTHOR: TaleWeaver
DISCLAIMER: Any characters you recognise are not mine; they belong to their respective creators and owners. These words, however, are my own
FANDOM / PAIRING: Heroes, Claire/Peter
RATING / CONTENT: NC-17. Sex and death.
SPOILERS: None – this is so AU that Claire and Peter wouldn’t recognise themselves. Not so much Alternate Universe as Alternate Reality. Needless to say, they’re not related.
PROMPT: Written for 50_alternates, Other worlds. Prompt: Assassin, substituting for #8, Brigadoon.
SUMMARY: Exactly a month later, Claire visits the painter Isaac Mendez, who marvels at the change in his friend, and wonders what – or should that be who? – has gotten into her. Meanwhile, Peter muses on why he is looking forward to each nightfall with ever-increasing longing, and a deadly scheme is conceived in the chambers of the Guild of the Blade.
AUTHOUR’S NOTES: while I don’t pretend to any sort of historical accuracy (that’s the other table of prompts!), this is set in an alternate version of Renaissance Italy, which also affects Peter and Claire’s speech patterns – no slang here.
TRANSLATION NOTES: Maestro – Master (used here as a term of both respect and professional superiority, similar to the Japanese ‘sensei’), querida – sweetheart (spanish), mi bella – my beauty (I think, the website wasn’t completely clear), fidanzata – sweetheart (italian).
SOUNDTRACK NOTES: During the Claire & Isaac scenes, ‘I’m feeling you’ by Santana & Michelle Branch, and Peter ponders along with ‘Waiting for the night to fall’ and ‘One Caress’ by Depeche Mode. ‘Gargoyles’ & ‘Darkness descends’ by Midnight Syndicate for the Guild of the Blade scenes.

Part 2: In starlight nights I saw you